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SECO. Endless ways to the future

Who We Are

Together toward New Horizons

We create innovative, high-technology-content IoT solutions

SECO. From Edge to AI

R&D Competences / Hardware / Software / System Integration

Integrated systems, boards, modules, HMIs for Edge Computing.

Putting intelligence in things and enabling human-machine interaction.

Enhanced edge computing capabilities into our customers’ products.


IoT / Data Science / Artificial Intelligence / Data Orchestration

Software services and platforms.

Extracting data, bringing them to the cloud.

Transforming them in highly-valuable, real-time information through data orchestration and data analytics.

End-to-End suite enabling our customers’ data-driven decision making.


Open Innovation & Partnerships


Co-creation, co-experimentation  and collaboration to develop today solutions for tomorrow.

Creation and orchestration of an ecosystem to experiment innovation through Open Innovation approach.

A multi-disciplinary environment fostering new ideas for the next generation of innovation.


We have the answers to your needs

Our solutions, together with a strong horizontal know-how accumulated over the decades, find application in a wide variety of industrial sectors.

IIoT One-stop solution

Clea is the suite solution that integrates Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Big Data Analysis with customer service.

Proof of Concept

Thanks to a rapid prototyping service, we can verify a project’s feasibility, potential, critical issues, and risk assessment in an extremely short time.

Design & Industrialization

We design standard and custom solutions with boards and modules using x86, ARM and FPGA architectures. Our approach includes the realization of personalized solutions to offer the greatest possible added value.

System Integration

We are also the ideal partner for systems integration. Services range from pre-installation of the customer’s software to assembly, as well as the design and customized production of the end product.


We have always believed in a lean-manufacturing approach to the entire production process to offer support and continuous improvements to the end product, thereby reducing waste and accelerating time-to-market.


We offer a complete integration of the electronic components with software applications thanks to services of BIOS customization and enhancement, firmware and driver development, and BSP Linux and Android development. The solutions are completed with long-term customer support for the entire life cycle of the project.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Internet of Things
Cloud Computing
Big Data Analysis (including algorithm development)

From Edge to AI: SECO Mind

SECO Mind is SECO's business unit dedicated to IoT & AI development. Its vision is to augment the abilities of machines and people by using AI everywhere computing takes place.

From Edge to AI: SECO Mind

SECO Mind is SECO's business unit dedicated to IoT & AI development. Its vision is to augment the abilities of machines and people by using AI everywhere computing takes place.

What Our Customers Think about SECO

" Innovation, quality, and sustainability have always been core values of Rhea. We find these same values in SECO - a solid and dynamic company with which I am sure we will share a future of partnership and mutual success."


Andrea Pozzolini CEO, Rhea Vendors Group

"We were able to quickly develop our x86-based product maintaining a compact design, resulting in a future-oriented solution through the use of a standard form-factor."



Walch Günther General Manager, Comron

"SECO’s experience in certifications and in the medical domain proved to be crucial in the success of this design."




Vikrant Raghu Product Manager, Robert Bosch Engineering & Business Solutions

"The cooperation with SECO gave us wide range of competitive advantages, based on new innovative touchscreen technologies. The Vending and HoReCa markets are evolving rapidly. Integrating touchscreen interfaces in our products secures our position as innovation leader in vending."



Vladimir Lopatin CTO, UNICUM

"It is always important for T8 to be prompt and flexible for the customers in the tasks assigned. SECO builds their work by same way, making a business with them much easier."




Alexandr Shelepin Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs, T8

"Early access to the newest technologies, and vast experience in railway applications makes SECO the perfect partner for a company like Atronik."




Artur Koskin Chief Engineer, Atronik

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