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Proof of Concept

Thanks to our rapid prototyping services, we can verify a project’s feasibility, potential, critical issues and risk assessment in an extremely short time.

A custom approach for companies, startups, and professional developers

Proof of Concept is the flexible service designed to simplify project prototyping and satisfy a variety of needs

Structured Prototyping

For large-scale projects with a long-term vision, SECO provides a team with designers and engineers to create the project prototype, quickly and collaboratively, with the security of knowing that scheduling and budget are always under control.

Cloud Prototyping

Dedicated access to UDOO Cloud, powered by Edgehog, the open-source cloud platform developed by the SECO Group for the rapid, entirely autonomous prototyping of your IoT or Industrial IoT project.

Hardware Prototyping

Privileged access to SECO’s single-board computers as a software development environment. The service also includes dedicated ticketing assistance.

Advantages for You


  • Efficient prototyping for projects with reduced time-to-market and constantly controlled budgets.

  • A flexible array of consolidated tools for working, should you wish to, in complete autonomy.

  • A dedicated team with thorough sector know-how at your service.



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