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We offer the complete integration of electronic components and software applications thanks to our BIOS customization and optimization services, firmware, driver, Linux BSP and Android development, and advanced edge and cloud computing solutions. The solutions are completed by long-term support for the entire project life cycle.

Embedded Software

Our embedded software services encompass all necessary activities for the correct functioning of SECO products, a reliability, security, and flexibility guarantee. All SECO hardware is equipped with a basic embedded software that is flexible and customizable, from firmware development to operating systems such as Windows, Android, Linux and RTOS.

Edge Computing

SECO allows you to create innovative solutions - from artificial intelligence algorithms to machine learning and IoT - with comprehensive support including remote updating and services dedicated to security. Our cloud-agnostic and edge-agnostic approach helps you get the most from low-cost, low-power hardware, as well as from multi-processor, redundant, or cluster solutions.

Tailor-made AI for your products

Clea: the suite solution that integrates Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Big Data Analysis with customer service.

Advantages for You


  • One-stop shop for the entire hardware and software solution

  • Top-level support throughout the entire project life cycle directly from our engineers and experts in Linux, Android, Windows, firmware, BIOS, data analysis, IoT, cloud computing, and machine learning. 

  • Flexibility and agility in customization development

  • Support for hardware and software integration with legacy environments

  • Security update management



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