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Coffee & Vending

The Coffee & Vending industry is constantly expanding and requires continuous innovations linked to the demand for increasingly intuitive interfaces and latest generation payment systems. The challenge for the numerous applications is to provide a continuous service in any condition, with the possibility of remotely updating the installed machines and checking their operation in real time, thanks to geolocation and predictive maintenance functions. For this specific industry we develop intelligent and modular touch interface solutions to be installed on the customer's coffee machines and vending machines based on specific technical, operational and aesthetic requirements.

CLEA AI for Vending Machines

The comprehensive solution to make Vending machines connected and ready for data analysis.

Our Success Stories

Full-Service Approach

SECO provides comprehensive support: from the custom hardware design (through the management of platforms with extended life cycles and performance-energy efficiency scalability), software, and system integration and system assembling services (including custom HMI), as well as the integration of UX design and envisioning process solutions.

Asset Management in the Field

Thanks to the integration of the IoT platform CLEA, we can give your product access to a variety of added-value services and applications.


HMI Solutions

Thanks to its experience in integrating modules and boards into complex systems, SECO has created user-ready, off-the-shelf HMI solutions with touch displays and integrated boards, based on its own Arm and x86 SBCs that are also available in our catalog. 



Fanless Embedded Computers

Thanks to our experience in integrating modules and boards into complex systems, SECO has created “off-the-shelf” solutions based on its own ARM and x86 SBCs, all available in our catalog.




The wide range of SECO’s off-the-shelf Computer-on-Modules offers the possibility of creating solutions with reduced time-to-market. Discover all of our standards: Qseven®, SMARC®, COM Express®, ETX® and COM-HPC®



Single Board Computers

Single-Board Computers are ready-to-use, stand-alone solutions. There is no single form factor for all SBCs, but SECO offers solutions in standard formats such as Embedded NUC™, Pico-ITX and 3.5”.



Custom Solutions

Solutions and products for custom needs, thoroughly integrated and highly personalized.



IIoT One-stop solution

CLEA is the suite solution that integrates Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Big Data Analysis with customer service.



What can we do for you?

Tell us about your projects and objectives: together, we can find the technological solution that best suits your needs.

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