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Our Partners

We work together to build sustainable solutions and develop innovative business models. 

Innovation is born out of different worlds sharing the same vision

We believe value is created through the exchange and integration of diverse knowledge. This is why we have established an extensive network of collaborations with startups, innovative companies, universities, and research centers worldwide that share our vision of making digital innovation the driver of greater sustainability.

We are committed to offering our customers innovative solutions by leveraging pioneering technologies. This is why we invest in strategic partnerships with the most renowned high-tech companies and take part in international standards and consortia. Our tight relationship with leading technology providers means we are part of most of their early access programs, allowing our customers to access cutting-edge technologies while minimizing both time-to-market and execution risks associated with their investments. 

Technological Partners

Standards & Consortia

Solution Partners

Commercial Partners

To better serve local markets, we have established an extensive network of distributors and commercial partners throughout the world. 

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