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CLEA: tailor-made AI for your products

CLEA enhances your products with artificial intelligence, minimizing downtime and boosting productivity.




From Edge to AI: CLEA

A comprehensive and customisable AI/IoT platform that delivers high value-added information to users in real time based on data generated by on-field devices. CLEA integrates Artificial Intelligence, Data Orchestration, Cloud Computing and Big Data Analysis to enable a data-driven approach to business.

The integration of Clea within your machine stack couldn't be easier, and we take care of everything.

Due to Clea's easy integration and our expertise in hardware and service customization, you can launch your AI-powered product in a matter of weeks, not years.

Clea creates value by reducing downtime and boosting machine performance. Increase your productivity and release value-added services to your customers.

From the Edge to the Cloud in just a few weeks

Add  SECO Products to your devices and all the data are your hands.

Use Cases

CLEA AI for EV Charging Stations

The modular solution to make charging points for cars and electric vehicles smart, connected and ready for data analysis.

CLEA AI for Vending Machines

The comprehensive solution to make Vending machines connected and ready for data analysis.

CLEA in action

CLEA for Medical Market

Home. Family. Love. For our loved ones we would do everything, but at best we can check in on them from time to time. But what if we could do more? What if we could count on telemedicine through reliable, secure, cutting-edge medical devices?

Clea for Vending Market


Vending is a rapidly growing sector requiring constant innovation due to the demand for increasingly intuitive interfaces and latest-generation payment systems. The challenge for its numerous applications is to provide continuous, 24/7 service under any conditions.

Clea for Coffee Market

With Clea it is possible to perform predictive maintenance on coffee machines: while you are sipping your Espresso, a built-in device analyses the data and recognises a failure before it occurs, limiting downtime and unexpected malfunction.

Custom-made solution for you


We can completely customize the hardware stack of our solution depending on your needs. We also support you in the certification process.


Thanks to our extensive service design and UX design expertise, we help you meet the needs of your clients with a tailored service solution, supporting you in delivering an optimal customer experience at all touch points along the buying journey.

Artificial Intelligence

We analyze the data of your machine and build a custom-made set of AI algorithms based on your needs, deploying it on the Edge as well as on the Cloud.

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SECO will work with you to design the solution that best suits your needs

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