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System Integration

We are also the ideal partner for system integration. Our services range from the pre-installation of customer software and the assembly of touch solutions and mechanical parts to the tailor-made design and production of your end-product.

We create plug-and-play systems to be integrated into your end-product

To meet every need, SECO guides the customer through every phase of the project, with end-to-end custom solutions that optimize costs and reduce time-to-market.

Dedicated Teams for Each Project

Our synergistic System Integration Departments and Operations Team are available to our customers, working together to create and supply a completely assembled subsystem, built according to your specific needs.

HMI & Peripheral Assembling


Highly capable in the customization and integration of various touchscreen technologies (Resistive, Capacitive, Projected Capacitive) through the assembly of touch-display groups (created with a variety of technologies, including LCD AIR BONDING, OCA and OCR) that guarantee optimal system integration while respecting even the most demanding project requirements.

Fanless Embedded Computers

Thanks to our experience designing and assembling mechanical and integrated parts, we can offer Fanless Embedded Computers and edge gateways compatible with CLEA, SECO’s IIoT platform.

Software and IoT Solution Provisioning Integration

The complete integration of electronics with mechanical parts is also achieved through software customization, with services ranging from the pre-installation of your software to the creation of a root of trust for provisioning via key exchange, safely and directly from the factory for a complete IoT solution.

Thermal Analyses and Heat Dissipation

We offer a full range of heat dissipation solutions – passive, active via a fan, or, when necessary, with the aid of a heat pipe system – to meet all your needs, even for server-class CPUs.

Mechanical Design and Materials Research

The mechanical components are manufactured with various innovative technologies to meet the specific needs of the customer and the market:


-Design of plastic elements created with injection molding 


-Production of aluminum mechanical parts with extrusion technology

-Design of mechanical parts with die-casting technology 


-Bending and pressing of sheet metal parts

Internal System Integration Production Lines

Over the years SECO has reinforced and consolidated its internal system integration know-how through the creation of dedicated production lines

Advantages for You


  • Over 40 years of experience in the design and production of integrated solutions for multiple sectors, from biomedicine and vending to industry, wellness, infotainment, and transportation.

  • A one-stop point of reference during the entire process of design and production. We guide you toward the best materials and technological solutions that guarantee innovation and the highest quality in your end system, while respecting technical, aesthetic and cost requirements and ensuring the long-term availability of materials

  • Speed and flexibility in responding to the needs of your project, from the sharing of personalized renderings to quick, traceable revisions to meet any new demands that emerge as your product evolves

  • Possibility of developing personalized wiring to manage the connection of all devices in systems that include multiple boards or electronic modules

  • Ability to conduct the analysis of finite elements (FEM) for the correct assessment of issues concerning mechanical resistance and life-span, in order to help you achieve the best result in terms of cost and longevity



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