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We believe in a “Lean Manufacturing” approach to the entire production process, allowing us to offer continuous support and improvements for the end product while reducing waste and accelerating time-to-market.

Custom Solutions and Processes

Thanks to the internal management of the entire product life cycle, we can create full-custom solutions to meet our customers’ technical and qualitative demands, from design through to mass production. A high quality standard guarantee and utmost flexibility.

End-Product Quality Control and Reliable Scheduling

Unlike many companies, we manufacture the majority of our products internally through our manufacturing plants, further strengthening our system integration and IoT know-how. This decision has enabled us to maintain close control over the end product, and ensure reliable scheduling, the effective resolution of any problems, and above-standard quality.
Our new Arezzo headquarters, inaugurated in March 2019, comprises nearly 97,000 square feet designed to the highest standards of innovation and energy efficiency.
Moreover, precise backup and disaster recovery plans allow us to guarantee productive and service continuity under any circumstances.

Lean Manufacturing

“Lean” structures and processes aim to streamline production systems by optimizing the productive phases and eliminating inefficiencies. As far as customers are concerned, this means high standards of quality, performance, and service.

Reduced Time-To-Market

To guarantee faster delivery times, we have accelerated investments in productive processes based on the principles of lean production and make-to-stock. SECO can manage orders according to a variety of models depending on customers’ needs, from the standard purchase-to-order, make-to-order, assemble-to-order, and make-to-stock frameworks to tailor-made agreements to meet every need.

Electronic Manufacturing Services: PCBA Factory Status

SECO carries out internally all of the services and processes that support the production of boards and electronic systems for a variety of industrial sectors. This allows us to constantly increase our know-how and valuable industry-specific skills. A further advantage lies in our extensive control and mastery of the critical processes that ensure swift and effective reactions whatever issues may arise.

SECO’s growth is also supported by the bolstering of its technological infrastructure, which guarantees internal coverage of the main processes. We manage SMT, THT, washing, conformal coating, depaneling, and BGA Rework lines in our own plants.

Advantages for You


  • Customized, long-term support through quality agreements and tailor-made services, to meet all performance and quality needs.

  • “Lean Manufacturing” approach: production systems are more streamlined, with each phase optimized in order to eliminate inefficiencies.

  • Orders can be managed according to various production models, from standard frameworks to custom agreements.



System Integration

In addition to EMSs, we have a production sector dedicated specifically to system integration that is extremely heterogeneous and flexible, allowing us to create fully built and assembled systems and subsystems according to customers’ specific needs. 

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