Solution Briefs
SECO pushes performance boundaries with new standards and the latest-gen platform

As connectivity and flexibility requirements continue to drive performance demands in embedded edge computers and servers, industries are poised to take advantage. Factories and logistics firms are streamlining their production lines with greater precision using robotics. Hospitals are accelerating medical imaging appliances like ultrasound with AI capabilities.

Public sector and aerospace are also ramping up AI image recognition, event analysis, and security use cases to come up with exciting new efficiency models to improve quality of life in cities.

Performance is driving a new wave of creativity and innovation, and both computing modules and processors need to keep pace through enhanced flexibility.

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Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: The Winning Formula all across the Companies

Maximum degree of automation, more flexibility in production, significantly lower personnel resources: innovative industrial companies hope for a prosperous future through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
And that is not all: PwC‘s consultants have
found out that such technologies are an
obligatory exercise in staying competitive.

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