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Digital Signage

Communication via video posters or digital signage in open public spaces or inside buildings is rapidly expanding. Together with our customers, we work to make user interfaces increasingly intuitive, allow the collection and transmission of high-value data, integrate targeted advertising and speech recognition features.

Our Success Stories

Predictive Maintenance and Product Renewal

Thanks to combined hardware and software solutions, products can be equipped with rich functionalities, such as predictive maintenance and rapid part replacement, that allow for reduced time-to-market and cost containment.

Scalability and Graphic Performance

SECO offers innovative standard and custom solutions for managing platforms with extended life cycles and based on high graphic performance architectures, including those supporting multidisplays, making it possible to approach this market’s various applications with technologies that guarantee an optimal relationship between performance and energy consumption.


HMI Solutions

Thanks to its experience in integrating modules and boards into complex systems, SECO has created user-ready, off-the-shelf HMI solutions with touch displays and integrated boards, based on its own Arm and x86 SBCs that are also available in our catalog. 



Smart Edge Boxed Solutions

Thanks to our experience in integrating modules and boards into complex systems, SECO has created “off-the-shelf” solutions based on its own ARM and x86 SBCs, all available in our catalog.




The wide range of SECO’s off-the-shelf Computer-on-Modules offers the possibility of creating solutions with reduced time-to-market. Discover all of our standards: Qseven®, SMARC®, COM Express®, ETX® and COM-HPC®



Single Board Computers

Single-Board Computers are ready-to-use, stand-alone solutions. There is no single form factor for all SBCs, but SECO offers solutions in standard formats such as Embedded NUC™, Pico-ITX and 3.5”.



Custom Solutions

Solutions and products for custom needs, thoroughly integrated and highly personalized.



IIoT One-stop solution

Clea is the suite solution that integrates Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and Big Data Analysis with customer service.



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