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RoomGuide for Meeting rooms: security and low power solution with an x86 flexible design

What challenges we faced

The customer already used Single Board Computers but was looking for an alternative solution that was low-priced, compact in size but at the same time flexible and with all the security features needed for the end product.

What we did

We provided the customer with a low-cost module in μQseven form factor and x86 architecture, supporting the necessary security features for the application it was required for.

Results achieved

Compared to the Single Board Computer previously used by the customer for the same application, with our solution we were able to speed up the time to market while at the same time optimizing costs. All this thanks to the advantages of the modular design concept.

Technologies Used


μQseven Rel. 2.0 Computer on Module (CoM) with Intel® Atom™ E3800 and Celeron® (Codename: Bay Trail) Processors. (KUMA - A76)


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"Thanks to the cooperation and technical discussion also with SECO’s partner Aaronn, we were able to select the right compromise in design, resulting in a flexible and future oriented platform, in compact size and with the required security specs for our products."

Leon Smits CEO, Lefclick

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