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Big data monetization: take the first step with Clea

Big data monetization - literally, data monetization, that is the process of strategic analysis and practical implementation that allows you to use data as a source of revenue, is one of the most rewarding objectives for any company that wishes to undertake a virtuous data-driven business path. However, its achievement can be hindered not only by a misinterpretation of the data already available but, above all, by a lack of correct investments in emerging technologies.


Advanced data analysis, thanks to technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, must in fact make it possible to improve both control over the "out-of-pocket" costs borne by the supply chain (from energy consumption to the consequences of any machine downtime), and develop the integration and interoperability of services, expanding the possibilities for the company to adopt new business models.


All this is possible only thanks to an advanced use of data, possible only through technologies such as AI, machine learning, edge computing or their most modern synthesis, Edge AI, in the present day essential to bring real value to companies.


Big data monetization: can be carried out with AI, machine learning and edge computing thanks to Clea

SECO Mind, a division of the SECO group specialised in AI and data orchestration, has developed Cleaan “As-a-service” AI platform to facilitate companies and start-ups to quickly and competitively enter their relevant markets. It integrates Artificial Intelligence, IoT, edge and cloud computing, as well as big data analytics.


Clea is neutral with respect to hardware and Cloud Providers, allowing maximum flexibility in relation to specific needs. Clea provides developers with SDKs, Libraries and Open Api to allow the solution to be integrated in a few hours on any Arm or x86 device and to develop vertical applications.


Clea can be supplied along with SECO Edge ready-to-use solutions, such as Easy Edge, an ideal solution for retro-fitting, based on a low consumption but high performance microcontroller and equipped with integrated mobile connectivity. The result is an “all-in-one” system available by subscription for industrial enterprises of any size.


The efficiency of the system based on the Edge AI model makes it possible to increase the efficiency of data collection and analysis, bringing data analysis to a "local" level and then sending only what is necessary to a cloud. It is a particularly advantageous solution for all those projects that require very low latencies and which brings significant benefits in terms of agility and reduction of consumption both of the available bandwidth and of the computational resources in a cloud. Clea is therefore also highly focused on sustainability.


The platform developed by SECO Mind offers easy integration with the existing machines, improving production and reducing time to market, all characteristics that significantly improve ROI and allow valid data monetization.


The benefits of Clea for data monetization

Choosing Clea for data monetization brings various benefits:

  1. a high level of flexibility compared to existing systems and infrastructures, associated with the high degree of customisation provided by SECO, it allows a reduction in development times and facilitates certification processes.
  2. Clea is fully compatible with all processors, both those of SECO and third parties thanks to the availability of SDKs for various languages ​​and platforms.
  3. Clea is based on an open source core, to give maximum flexibility to developers and not to lock-in clients with a closed solution. In fact, long-term support and open source technologies eliminate the risk of lock-in if companies subsequently wish to choose other suppliers.
  4. The ease of implementation allows companies to develop products and services with high added value in a few weeks, reaching the markets in a competitive and efficient manner.
  5. Clea supplies a wide-ranging store of AI applications and models that have already been tested and are ready to use, allowing even companies lacking specialised technological skills to accelerate in terms of innovation and therefore the creation of new AI-based products and services.
  6. Clea is API-based. It allows organisations to automate business processes and improve the sharing and integration of data between various applications and systems.


These characteristics solve an endemic problem present in Italy: according to research conducted in 2020 by the "Big Data and Business Analytics Observers of Milan Polytechnic", 39% of Italian companies fall into this category and have stated as a consequence that they have not carried out any type of AI experimentation. This is why SECO Mind's technology, combined with an advisorship system, makes it possible to immediately reduce the time to market of new products and services and thus transform data into real value for the company. Furthermore, it:

  • increases the quality of production;
  • reduces operating costs;
  • reduces wasted resources;
  • optimises delivery times;
  • increases customer satisfaction.
  • consequently, it increase a company’s margins.