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Embedded Software

SECO provides complete embedded software services, from BIOS customization to development of firmware and drivers, Linux BSP, and Android OS.

BIOS Development

Every SECO solution with x86 architecture is developed with a complete and flexible UEFI BIOS. For each architecture SECO owns the BIOS source codes and maintains complete control of the programmable board-side components, such as embedded controllers and microcontrollers.


We can customize the BIOS at any level to guarantee a complete, flexible solution at a reduced cost, with agility in debugging and in implementing new functionalities, allowing you to receive critical security updates and manage the modifications due to the updating of obsolete parts without having to involve third parties.
A further advantage is the ability to unify interfaces and utilities for embedded controllers, as well as programming tools between various products.

Firmware Development

Low-level firmware development is designed for various families of microcontrollers:


  • NXP

  • ST8x, STM32x

  • Texas Instruments MSP430, Tiva

  • Microchip

  • Atmel

  • Renesas

  • Cypress

  • Espressif ESP32

SECO’s experienced team manages embedded controller development on all ARM and x86 architectures.

We can also develop hardware abstraction layers (HALs) for custom projects that allow you to develop your own applications, documenting and simplifying access to the hardware.

Linux BSP (Board Support Package) Development

SECO is able to develop BSPs internally and controls the bootloader, kernel, and file system source codes. The BSPs make use of the Yocto build system, and the SECO team has the know-how necessary to customize embedded Linux distributions.


The services we offer include:


  • Software libraries

  • Driver and kernel module development

  • Hardware integration support

  • User application integration support

  • Library integration support

Windows® Development

SECO developers also offer support and maintenance for Microsoft operating systems, creating Windows Embedded images based on Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise, Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Core, and Microsoft Windows Embedded Compact. The service includes: driver development, libraries for hardware access, and BIOS customization utilities.

Android BSP Development

Through its dedicated engineering team, SECO can customize the Android OS on its products.


The service includes:


  • Graphic development and customization

  • Driver development and support for new Wi-Fi and BT peripherals

  • App development

  • Kernel interface development for industrial buses such as I2C, SPI, and UART

  • Kernel patches

  • Customer application integration support

  • Network manager customization

  • Maintenance and updating of new releases

API Development

SECO solutions with x86 architecture come with a set of libraries for managing all the functionalities required by modern embedded systems. Our application library interfaces are based on the Embedded API-eAPI standard and enable you to manage Watchdog, I2C, SPI, non-volatile storage, board screen brightness, and GPIO.

FPGA Development

FPGA development is available at varying levels of complexity, with extensive flexibility depending on the business model. The service includes support for hardware and application software integration, as well as debugging with latest-generation tools.


SECO uses an agnostic approach:


  • Altera

  • Lattice

  • Xilinx

Functional Safety (FuSa)

Through its own ecosystem, SECO allows for a significant reduction in time-to-market through hardware/software solutions that are certifiable at various integrity levels. SECO provides the documentation and offers previously tested and verified hardware as a flexible building block within a more complex end system.

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