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Smart Selling Interface for Vending

What challenges we faced

  • Software compatibility
  • Long Lifetime Display
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Compatibility with existing vending machines
  • Max. 12” Display - The customer needed to find a modular & intelligent interface for vending machines.

What we did

Finding a smart solution for the customer’s need of an intelligent and modular touch interface for its lines of coffee and vending machines.

Results we achieved

Instead of providing separated components, SECO introduced the idea of an integrated modular HMI system that can be installed in a wide range of machines with minimal or no customization. In addition to the initial request (tabletop machines only), the customer decided to use this solution also for upright snack machines. Furthermore, based on this experience, a general purpose 10.1” touch display system is introduced in SECO’s products portfolio (SYS-A62-10).  

Technologies Used

Embedded Panel with 10.1” LCD display based on the Multicore NXP i.MX 6 SoC family
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"The cooperation with SECO gave us wide range of competitive advantages, based on new innovative touchscreen technologies. The Vending and HoReCa markets are evolving rapidly. Integrating touchscreen interfaces in our products secures our position as innovation leader in vending."

Vladimir Lopatin CTO, UNICUM

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