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SECO Care is SECO intervention protocol for:

  • Technical assistance

  • Hardware support/repair/maintenance

  • Software support

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Free of charge


Paid on top of the product price [renewable up to 36 months]


Concerning the Engineering Change Management applied to the product life cycle, SECO Care Premium provides PCR (Product Change Request) protocol management for all Class A components of the product in question.


SECO Care Basic & Premium both provide Customers with a PCN (Product Change Notification) issuance management, with respect to industry reference standards (e.g. JEDEC STD).


SECO Care Premium allows Customers to make use of a frozen Bill Of Material for Class A components, to the part numbers registered in the program.


SECO is effectively an electronic component integrator: it depends on its Supply Chain and silicon vendor, for EOL information availability scopes. Communication notification industry standards apply (e.g. JESD 48C), and they typically occur 6 months before the Last Time Buy Order date.

SECO Care Premium provides access to the SECO EOL Management Program, through which End Of Life can be managed according to different methods, ranging from supply end management to product re-design; each of them will be contextualized with respect to the product in question, in partnership with the sales force, defining the correlated costs and time requirements.


SECO Care Premium includes constant monitoring of the product quality performance, and the activation of analysis processes with 8D method when the 1% faultiness threshold is exceeded.


SECO Care Premium provides a direct line with the Customer Care and Customer Quality Engineering depts. to manage any product fault.


SECO Care Premium offers:

  • customization of some of the PCBA process parameters
  • customization of PCBA Quality Technical Agreements
  • Full Traceability option in PCBA processes
  • customization of labelling and packaging design of Customers' product, according to their needs, and in compliance with industry standards
  • customization of certain process parameters - concerning the finished product integration and assembly 

  • customized production process monitoring methods agreed with the Quality Assurance dept.,

  • access to the main process data available


SECO Standard QTA allows its Customer to receive the RMA authorization - in 1 business day with SECO Care Premium.


SECO Care Premium ensures its Customers the product repair or replacement, within 5 days after the product notification - vs. standard 20-40 days based on the return quantity.


SECO Care Premium provides product repairs outside the warranty, with a 50% discount compared to the interventions normally invoiced to a standard customer.


SECO Care Premium allows updating the products to the last version supported by the Part Number and includes the option of defining an annual payback to cover any delays related to the RMA authorization and/or product return.


SECO Care Premium ensures its Customers that a support request, submitted through the ticketing system, is handled within 3 business days from its submission.


SECO Care Premium includes 8 hours of consultancy per year, to be used solely for SECO product integration support, within the specific application context, both from a HW and a SW standpoint.


SECO Care Premium grants its Customer preferential access to the technologies and products being developed. Access in Beta Release to HW or SW components, is aimed at assessing a product or technology, before its release for Mass Production.


SECO Care Premium provides its Customers the option of the POC (Proof of Concept) service, that is the creation of a prototype system, based exclusively on architectures developed by SECO and available for Mass Production, or being developed.


SECO Care Premium offers its Customers the Softwater Long Term Support program: in this case, “long term support” means support in the integration of HW components that, during the product life cycle, become obsolete, including those provided by SECO and external elements (e.g. touch controller, LCD display, etc). If applicable, backward compatibility of the new releases with previously managed HW configurations, shall be ensured.  The support of updated components may require an update of SW components to be borne by the Customer, if the support cannot be integrated within the versions used.


SECO Care Premium offers its Customers the option of the Software Integration Support program, within which SECO provides supports to the Customer in adapting its SW stack, to manage specific components or operating modes, if they can be considered a ‘legitimate extension’ of the basic functions offered by SECO Edge solution.


SECO Care Premium offers its Customer a private space on SECO git repository, to be used for storage, maintenance and traceability of the SW components connected to the product included in the program.


SECO Care Premium provides a direct line with the Quality Assurance dept. for consultancy and support activities for specific goals and for the definition of a periodical reporting, base on the Customer’s needs, to support their businesses.


SECO Care Premium offers its Customers the option to customize the support level on materials and environmental topics, for the products included in the QTA, by drafting specific formats, portals or other customizations. 

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