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CLEA AI Applications

Enhance your business with the CLEA Platform, integrating AI and IoT to provide tangible benefits.




Add real value to your business with CLEA AI Applications

AI for EV Charging Station 

Introducing our modular solution that transforms car and electric vehicle charging points into intelligent, connected systems, poised for data analysis. Simplify the management and maintenance of your entire charging network with our comprehensive service, encompassing operations, maintenance, and monitoring.

AI for Vending Machines

Experience a comprehensive retrofitting kit, offering a smart solution for transforming vending machines into connected systems, primed for data analysis. Seamlessly integrate our solution to effortlessly monitor and maintain your entire fleet of vending machines, all while enjoying the benefits of streamlined data analysis.

AI for Industrial Automation

With CLEA, users gain the ability to remotely control their industrial equipment while also benefiting from quality monitoring, OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency), and MTBA (Mean Time Between Assists) - MTBF functionalities.


Utilizing our proprietary AI algorithms, the system excels at identifying operating anomalies, classifying them as potential faults, and recommending maintenance and service operations. By aggregating and analyzing sensor data, CLEA effectively predicts malfunctions before they occur. Its machine learning algorithms also generate optimized maintenance plans and estimate the remaining useful life per cycle, ensuring efficient operations.

AI for Smart Buildings

With CLEA's advanced features, it is possible to accurately identify and count the number of people in front of the camera, to detect the faces of people in the frame, and even to identify falls and injuries in the workplace, providing a complete solution for various scenarios.

Edge AI Solutions

Unlock limitless potential for tomorrow's industry with our comprehensive solution, empowered by innovative computer vision solutions. Experience the transformative power of CLEA, which includes a range of AI apps such as Smart Parking, Smart Buildings, and Traffic Monitoring. Enhance your business operations and embrace the future of industry with our cutting-edge technologies.


SECO AI-optimized Hardware

Discover SECO's AI-optimized Hardware, integrating the latest innovations from industry leaders like NXP and Intel.


SMARC® Rel. 2.1.1 module with NXP i.MX 8M Plus Applications Processors




Pico-ITX SBC with the Intel® Atom® X6000E Series, Intel® Pentium® and Celeron® N and J Series (formerly Elkhart Lake) SoCs



Trizeps VIII Plus

The i.MX 8M Plus SoC (System on Chip) has various processor units that can handle a wide range of computing operations.




Pico-ITX SBC x86 Solution designed for IoT edge computing in harsh environments




Fanless Embedded Computer with Intel® Atom™ X Series, Intel® Celeron® J / N Series and Intel® Pentium® N Series (formerly Apollo Lake) Processors



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