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Reliable solution for an innovation-driven company

What challenges we faced

The most challenging aspect to manage within this project was certainly the need to offer a long-term-available and reliable solution that was suitable for an outdoor environment. The customer in fact was working on e-Cars charging stations.

What we did

We replaced the commercial community board the customer used for the proof of concept with our standard off-the-shelf μQseven module, which ensured reliability and industrial operating temperature range.

Results we achieved

We were able to listen to the customer’s requests, starting from what was wrong with the board previously used and offering as an alternative a reliable solution, running also at industrial operating temperature range, to fully meet all their needs.

Technologies Used

[Picture] SOM-uQ7-MX6_front

μQseven® Computer on Module (CoM) with NXP i.MX 6 Processor. (LIBERTAS - 962)


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" The customer started with a PoC made with a commercial community board. This was not a reliable solution and industrial operating temperature range was not supported. With SECO’s standard off-the-shelf μQseven module they found a reliable solution through a reliable partner."

Marco Attardo Channel Manager EMEA, SECO