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Compact, reliable module and customized firmware for Wavelength-Division Multiplexing (DWDM) equipment

What challenges we faced

The customer is the leading manufacturer of wavelength-division multiplexing telecommunication equipment (DWDM) in Russia and CIS countries, one of a few companies in the World which design and manufacture a Line equipment with channel rate up to 600 Gbit/s based on DWDM technology. Its need was to find a cost-effective and reliable Computer-On-Module with long lifetime and customized firmware for the data aggregator of its Volga DWDM System.

What we did

SECO was able to find a COM that met the customer’s needs, a custom version of a μQseven® compliant module with an NXP i.MX6 Processor, along with internal SPI flash to work with proper flash-type, tuning of PCIe to support customer’s equipment, and in-house firmware flashing to save production time.

Results we achieved

SECO succeeded in listening the customer, providing a full service tailored to its needs. Also, due to the very high level of precision of the equipment made by the customer, for this project it was very important to work closely together, especially during testing stage, to identify any potential problem and fix it.

Technologies Used

[Picture] μQ7-962_front
μQseven® module with NXP i.MX 6 Processor
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"It is always important for T8 to be prompt and flexible for the customers in the tasks assigned. SECO builds their work by same way, making a business with them much easier."

Alexandr Shelepin Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs