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Rugged Handheld Controller for Surveillance Drone

What challenges we faced

The customer, a leading commercial drone manufacturer, anticipated a need for use of their small, highly maneuverable drone for security applications. The existing drone controller could not meet their real-time and multi-display video streaming requirements for this new application. The customer was looking for a custom solution to meet all their technical and environmental requirements while retaining a size and weight profile to meet the new mission. The system was also required to run Android while using off-the-shelf mapping applications.

What we did

SECO USA answered to the customer’s request by providing an off-the-shelf Hydra-Q6 tablet to demonstrate its capability. Using the Hydra-Q6 as a starting point, SECO USA modified the electronics and physical characteristics of the device to allow drone control, real-time video streaming to the display as well as a helmet-mounted display (both with mapping overlay). In addition, SECO USA designed a flexible interface capable of accepting multiple off-the-shelf radios and a new enclosure to meet the harsh environmental requirements. 

Results we achieved

Relying on SECO USA's extensive expertise in designing rugged hand-held embedded devices, the SECO USA team designed and delivered a fully customized hand-held controller with a 7” display, radio interface, joystick control, and multiple other features in under six months.

"Working with a customer to capture all their requirements prior to beginning a custom design is critical to ensuring that both our design team and the customer are in sync. Our team has extensive experience in creating custom devices for our military, medical and industrial customers"


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