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Empowering Technological Evolution in Clinical Lab Solutions

What challenges we faced

The customer, a leading company in clinical laboratory automation and process solutions, sought SECO's support for the technological modernization of their Test Tube handling automation system.


  • The customer faced limitations in supporting future system developments and, in a rapidly evolving market demanding innovation, required a hardware upgrade to facilitate the product's technological evolution by integrating new technologies.


  • They also aimed for enhanced performance and functionality while ensuring backward compatibility, configurability, and system integration.


Achieving these objectives necessitated a comprehensive partner capable of supporting both technological performance and ensuring streamlined processes to sustain mass production.

What we did

Full-Custom Industrial System


Initially, SECO revamped the customer’s initial system, which relied on multiple dedicated custom boards and an industrial computer, while ensuring backward compatibility and configurability.


To this purpose SECO created a customized multipurpose boxed industrial system with real-time configurable I/O, optimizing both hardware and firmware design. The system is based on Qseven® Rel. 2.1 Computer on Module (CoM) SOM-Q7-APL with Intel® Atom X Series Processors.



Full-Custom HMI Touch System


SECO further innovated the customer's product, which lacked a touch display and relied solely on a keypad for machine operation, enhancing operational functionalities (such as icons and advanced warning management) for more efficient control compared to buttons.


This involved an extreme and challenging customization process due to the peculiar elongated shape of the client's product. Leveraging its expertise and system integration skills, SECO created from the ground up a completely customized touch display system tailored to the specific machinery, adapting the design of the LCD display to fit that shape and flawlessly integrating it into the product's mechanics.




Additional support


SECO not only provided a functional product but also supported certification processes, swiftly resolving associated challenges by liaising directly with relevant authorities. Given the product's unique configuration, SECO also assisted the client in tailored packaging, meeting specific requirements for individual, antistatic packaging for internal handling of each panel.

What results we achieved


The project, which strengthened the longstanding partnership, enabled the customer to introduce a significantly modernized product through the integration of new technologies and enhanced functionalities.


SECO, leveraging its diverse expertise, provided a comprehensive system and acted as the sole point of contact for all phases of design (from electronics to the touch HMI system and its integration, including complete wiring management), development, and production, ensuring product support for at least 10 years.


This facilitated the achievement of the client's objectives, streamlining communication processes, optimizing the purchasing process (eliminating multiple suppliers), reducing time to market and lead times, thanks to SECO's in-house production and swift transition from prototypes to mass production.

Technologies Used


Qseven® Rel. 2.1 Computer on Module (CoM) with Intel® Atom X Series, Intel® Celeron® J / N Series and Intel® Pentium® N Series (Codename: Apollo Lake) Processors. (NAOS - B03)


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"Engaging and challenging, witnessing how our high-tech contribution translates into a final product tailored exactly to the customer’s needs was
truly rewarding. Being part of their technological evolution, transitioning their product from the old to the new, was a remarkable experience."

Federico de Marinis Key Account Manager

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