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Low cost and compact x86 module for MAS Alarm Server

What challenges we faced

Working to a MAS Alarm Server for efficient alarming and logging, the customer asked for a low cost and compact module that was able to guarantee elevated performance.

What we did

To fully meet the customer’s needs to keep cost and size down we offered an x86 off-the-shelf module in μQseven form factor, the most compact one available on the market. Despite its small size, our solution could offer a very high level of performance-to-power ratio, thus being a cost-effective solution for low budget designs.

Results we achieved

Relying on our expertise we were able to speed up this project’s development and allow the customer to shorten their time to market.

Technologies Used


μQseven Rel. 2.0 Computer on Module (CoM) with Intel® Atom™ E3800 and Celeron® (Codename: Bay Trail) Processors. (KUMA - A76)


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"We were able to quickly develop our x86-based product maintaining a compact design, resulting in a future-oriented solution through the use of a standard form-factor."

Walch Günther General Manager, Comron

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