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SECO for environmental control touch displays

What challenges we faced

The customer needed a solution that would be suitable for different applications. Many complex requirements regarding space, mechanical differences, a wide range of display resolution but also hardware requirements like HDMI, multiple USB, 2x Gigabit Ethernet, Power supply, SIM-slot must fit into one solution. This was achieved by an open communication between the customer and our solution architect team and intensive engagement of both the software and hardware departments.

What we did

Led by our solution architect team, a special carrier board for our standard Qseven module was developed. Great technical support, involvement of both our hardware and software teams including the mechanical team, resulted in a flexible and reliable solution. Customized BIOS, firmware, special custom boot logo and BSP, measurement of signal integrity, customized heatsink are all elements on which we worked in close cooperation with the customer to satisfy their requirements.

Results we achieved

At the end the customer was able to reduce cost, expand its product portfolio and reach a broader market. Additionally this project was delivered in advance of expectation, giving the customer and additional competitive advantage. Because of these results the customer has already engaged SECO on other projects based on the next generation of Intel processors.  

Technologies Used


Qseven® Rel. 2.1 Computer on Module (CoM) with Intel® Atom X Series, Intel® Celeron® J / N Series and Intel® Pentium® N Series (Codename: Apollo Lake) Processors. (NAOS - B03)


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"First, the customer asked for a module in Standard Form Factor (Qseven). As we were in the position not only to support the customer with this module but also with its carrier board, measurement and layout, we showed the customer the advantages of working on this project together. The customer also visited our new Headquarters in Arezzo and could see how we manage processes and get exposure to our System Integration department, where we can develop and deliver solutions with a display, chassis and pillar, fully tested and packaged in the customer’s boxes."

Thomas Milkerat DACH Key Account Manager, SECO

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