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A customizable, easy to use platform for creating your own AI-powered support services

Elevate your business with AI-Powered solutions

Unlock new Possibilities with StudioX

Enhance customer experience and satisfaction

Elevate product quality

Optimize operational productivity

Access AI-generated knowledge in real-time

Ingest structured or unstructured data directly from machinery

Add innovative features to your products

Incorporate AI effortlessly in your products, processes or services


Take your products to new heights by seamlessly integrating AI capabilities, empowering you to provide enhanced user experiences, reduce downtimes, and open up exciting possibilities for generating additional revenue.


Transform your workflows with the power of AI to achieve unparalleled performance, operational efficiency, safety assurance, and exceptional quality. We work with computer vision, LiDAR, sound, and other sensor data.

Discover the core values we bring to your service

Instant Assistance

Instant assistance and guidance in troubleshooting 24/7. Available via SMS, Whatsapp, Web, Phone or email

Domain Knowledge

LLM algorithms can be trained on vast amounts of industrial data, including manuals, technical specifications, and troubleshooting guides

Multi Language Support

Serve diverse customers by providing translations in their languages for an optimal experience across multiple linguistic preferences


Implementing a Chatbot with LLM algorithms is a cost-effective solution compared to maintaining a large team of dedicated support staff

Learning and Improvement

Analyze customer interactions, identify patterns, and adapt StudioX troubleshooting abilities accordingly

Personalized Experience

Customized according to the user’s experience and capabilities. It’s also possible to generate downloadable documents (PDFs) for offline use.

Industrial CNC


1. Real time Monitoring

2. Historical data tracking

3. Personalised Dashboard

4. Production monitoring

5. Data comparison

6. Production Graph visualisation

7. Downtime control

8. Defect rate Data

9. Instant Access to Real-Time Data


In the production environment of a manufacturing company, the operations manager, Mauro, finds himself in need of crucial insights to optimize efficiency and performance. Armed with the power of StudioX, he seamlessly navigates through the data landscape to answer pressing questions.

Information search support


1. Knowledge of datasheets

2. Generative AI for queries and graphs

3. User-friendly data navigation

4. Reduced information search time

5. Saving money

6. Reduced manual efforts

7. Information retrieval

8. Instant assistence


John, an R&D technician, is tasked with evaluating the technical specifications of the product through its datasheet. He wants to compare this information with another product known as Icarus to make an informed decision. He uses StudioX to streamline the process and quickly obtain the desired details.