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Our Custom Solutions

Solutions and products for custom needs, thoroughly integrated and highly personalized.

Hardware Customization

We support you in the choice of the best technological solutions to optimize performance, cost, and services. For every aspect and phase of the project, you can select various levels of personalization: from design revision and the design of carrier boards for specific modular platforms (benefitting from extremely reduced time-to-market and the lesser risk of technological lock-in made possible by the modular approach) to the creation of full-custom single-board computers.

Software Customization

You can also receive dedicated support for the software to be installed in your end product. More specifically, you can request that we see to BIOS personalization and improvement, as well as to firmware and driver development. All with the security of long-term support throughout the product’s life cycle.

System Integration

Thanks to SECO’s Mechanical Engineering tools for solid modeling (CAD) and thermal analysis, you can perfectly adapt your products’ electronics to their mechanics. With the support offered by our Operations team, we are able to provide a finished sub-system, completely assembled in terms of both hardware and software, with the pre-loading of software, the provisioning of IoT solutions, or the creation of encryption keys to provide an IoT solution from the factory securely.

Your Technological Partner

Every day we work in synergy to give life to cutting-edge solutions capable of boosting our customers’ success.

Our Sectors of Experience