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SECO has dedicated great attention to its customer care policy: for 30 years we have aimed to provide the highest standard of post-sales service and technical support to all customers; we regularly review and improve this policy, achieving excellent results that allow us to create a friendly and supportive partnership with all customers.

Since we began in 1979, customer care of the highest level has been our goal, and we have long implemented all norms required by law in Legislative Decree 24/02 and the Consumer Code for the protection of consumer rights.

With these criteria in mind, our commitment to our customers is to deliver continuous, high-quality technical support before, during, and after the sale, with an "open" policy that offers the same treatment to both end customers and recognised European distributors.

Considering the customer care policy from an overall viewpoint, SECO transfers the rights guaranteed by Italian Law and received by an EU act even to countries in which regulations are less stringent in this regard.

A knowledgeable technical team – well-trained and with 10 years of operating experience in production and support behind it - is committed to providing an exceptional standard of customer care, as mandated by SECO Management.

The exceptional quality of our staff ensures that our clients get the best customer care and satisfaction - monitoring the activity of our technical team, surveying our customers via quality questionnaires, and statistical and data processing analysis of all our systems available in real time. This allows us to achieve the high standards of quality targeted by SECO Management.

  • Transparency and a clear message on our business relationships (who we are and what we do)
  • Flexibility
  • Technical Suitability
  • Evaluation of operational effectiveness and efficiency
  • Evaluation of effectiveness and efficiency of the system implemented
  • Continuous improvement of the services provided

These are the criteria adopted to achieve our goals for all of our customers, whichever service they use.