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Clea: accelerate your business with Edge and Cloud AI

Clea enhances your products with artificial intelligence, minimizing downtime and boosting productivity.



A full-fledged AI as a Service (AIaaS) Platform for IoT

Clea is our AI/IIoT software platform for advanced intelligence and analytics, built to transform devices and data into actionable value in the easiest and most secure way. Leveraging Clea’s edge capabilities, users can easily move intelligence from the edge to the Cloud and the other way around  getting the most out of their physical infrastructure.

Simple Integration

The integration of Clea within your machine stack couldn't be easier, and we take care of everything.

Short Time to Market

Due to Clea's easy integration and our expertise in hardware and service customization, you can launch your AI-powered product in a matter of weeks, not years.

High ROI

Clea creates value by reducing downtime and boosting machine performance. Increase your productivity and release value-added services to your customers.

Clea Vertical Applications

No matter the vertical market, the Clea platform creates business-transforming value using Artificial Intelligence, boosting productivity and maximizing revenue and profit.

Clea for Industrial Automation

Monitor and control industrial machinery with AI models. Offer value-added services & benefits to your customers. For example, predictive maintenance interventions on machines to minimize down time risk.



Clea for EV Charging Stations

The intelligent solution for car and EV charging. Manage a fleet of stations, target display advertising to user demographics, enable real time billing, and more.



Clea for Vending Machines

Track purchases, inventory, machine health. Add custom AI models for user-targeted marketing, demographic analysis, security, and more.



Clea Solutions for Energy Management

Leverage intelligent processing and computer vision on today’s emerging lower cost, higher intelligence hardware. Discover new Clea use cases to improve business operations and autonomy in the field.



Industrial-Grade Embedded Hardware for Reliable Intelligent Solutions

Completely hardware-independent, Clea runs on  the customer’s own infrastructure/intranet and is open-source so users have full control over security and customization. ​


Clea is fully integrated on SECO's industrial grade hardware. Discover our wide range of fanless PCs, HMI Panel PCs, SBCs, and SOMs.

Create value for you customers through custom Apps

Clea Store is the infrastructure where you can set up your own, customer-branded service marketplace. This new building block of the Clea platform allows you to easily release custom AI and data analytics applications - developed either internally or by a third party - to the users of your devices, optimizing your customers’ business.  ​

Implement Clea Store to add new business models based on servitization and recurring revenue streams to your sales mix: leveraging its delivering and billing features, you will be able to distribute value-added functionalities and services across your value chain, enabling users to unlock AI-powered, subscription-based features with a premium.​

Our partner for Cybersecurity: Exein

SECO and Exein have teamed up to offer state-of-the-art security solutions for the IoT industry. Through our software integration, Exein speaks natively with the whole Clea ecosystem, making the activation, management, and monitoring of the Exein security solutions seamless for existing Clea customers.

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