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Design & Industrialization

We design standard and custom modular-platform solutions and single-board solutions based on x86, ARM, and FPGA architectures. Our approach embraces even the most extreme forms of customization, in order to offer the highest possible added value while reducing costs and time-to-market.

Extensive Customization and Comprehensive Support for Every Project

Well-Defined R&D Strategy and Product Industrialization

SECO takes care of every phase of a project, without losing sight of its product-specific needs and cost and timing targets: from the electric schematics and drafting of the BOM to the validation of the pre-series batch, as well as hardware bring-up and thermal, electrical, and electromagnetic immunity and emissions testing.


SECO products are developed for an extended life-cycle, usable in broad temperature ranges, and created according to the principles of “Design for Testing” and “Design for Manufacturing.”

Flexible Design and a Vast Tech Line Card

Beginning from its wide selection of standard products, SECO offers semi- and full-custom solutions to meet even the most specific needs.


The SECO line card offers a selection of products with excellent graphic performance, ultra-low-power, fan-less platforms focusing on connectivity and networking, acceleration solutions for machine learning technologies based on neural networks, and FuSa-oriented solutions.

Privileged Access to Latest-Generation Solutions and Industrial Standards

SECO belongs to the most exclusive Early Access Programs of the top CPU manufacturers. This relationship allows us to offer the absolute latest-generation solutions as well as maximum flexibility - from an edge gateway that operate on fractions of a Watt to embedded multicore solutions.


SECO participates in the technical committees of the most widely-recognized industrial standards for system-on-modules. We build carrier boards and also provide design review services, ensuring effective implementation and compliance with standards for optimal interoperability.

A Center of Excellence in Pre-Production Validation

SECO’s PCB Design & Hardware Validation team will make sure that every solution we design is electrically, thermally, and functionally validated. We also conduct verification procedures, ESD/EMI pre-certification, and signal and power integrity simulations and tests, which are carried out in collaboration with our specialized partner laboratories.


Design Support

Pre-prototype signal and power integrity simulations, thermal simulations of the board alone, the entire system, even the customer’s mechanical components. 3-D debugging simulations. 


Pre-Compliance & Certifications

Signal integrity tests with our dedicated team. Assistance in pre-compliance with EMC emissions and immunity, and the possibility of support for the certification process (EC, IEC, FCC). 


Dedicated Project Management

Our Project Management team handles every phase of the project, overseeing its development, supervising the timeline, and liaising with internal and external stakeholders, in order to facilitate the transition from design to mass production.


Local Tech Support for Optimal Time-to-Market

Our Solution Architects, providing direct, local support in the various geographical areas, guide customers in choosing the best architecture on which to build their end product, in terms of technology, time-to-market, and value-for-money.  


Advantages for You


  • Consolidated know-how in x86, ARM, RISC and FPGA architectures

  • System integration services (HW assembly, SW&FW development)

  • Building-block approach for a wide range of standard modules for your custom solution

  • Attention to project requirements in terms of functionality, cost, timeline, and performance



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