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A complete range of edge computing solutions for any kind of project 


Off-the-shelf solutions 

With decades of experience in embedded solutions design, SECO offers an extremely wide and versatile product catalog based on the most innovative technologies, and various form factors to meet every design requirement. 

HMI solutions 

Pre-configured and customizable solutions for human-machine interaction with touch displays and integrated boards based on Arm® and x86 SBCs. 


Fanless Embedded Computers

Off-the-shelf solutions based on Arm® and x86 SBCs developed for Industrial IoT applications to ensure flexibility and security. 


SoM modules

A wide range of off-the-shelf System on Modules, ideal for reduced time-to-market projects, including standards like Qseven®, SMARC, COM Express®, COM-HPC®, and ETX®. 


Single Board Computers

Complete and ready-to-use solutions, ideal for rapid prototyping, available in various form factors, including Embedded NUC™, Pico-ITX, and 3.5” standards. 


AI-Optimized Hardware 

Products optimized for artificial intelligence with specialized accelerators such as TPUs and NPUs. 

Payment Systems

We offer cashless payment systems for various device categories, including customized HMIs with contactless readers. The KarL4 payment terminal enables fast contactless transactions. Custom devices are also available in collaboration with SUZOHAPP and ICT. 

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Titan 300 TGL-UP3 AI

Fanless embedded computer with the 11th Gen Intel® Core™ and Intel® Celeron® SoCs (Codename: Tiger Lake UP3) plus Axelera AI Chip: Powered by a single Metis AIPU up to 120 TOPS 


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Pico-ITX Single Board Computer with the Intel® Atom® X Series, Intel® Celeron® N Series and Intel® Pentium® N Series (codename: Apollo Lake) Processors


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SMARC® Rel. 2.1.1 System on Module (SoM) with NXP i.MX 8M Plus Applications Processors. (LEVY - D18)


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Pico-ITX SBC with the Intel® Atom® X6000E Series, Intel® Pentium® and Celeron® N and J Series (codename: Elkhart Lake) SoCs. (ICARUS - D63)


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Our services

We offer comprehensive and customizable support for every project, managing the entire product lifecycle from design to mass production for you to reduce costs and time to market.  

Hardware Validation and Pre-compliance 

Every solution designed by SECO is electrically, thermally, and functionally validated, with support for final certifications. 


BIOS Development and Customization 

We customize the BIOS at any level, enabling rapid security updates, adding new features, and unifying interfaces and programming tools across different products. 


Conformal Coating

We internally develop all services and processes to support the production of electronic systems. We manage SMT, THT, washing, conformal coating, depaneling, and BGA Rework on our production lines.  


Display Assembly 

Customization and integration of touchscreens from various technologies through the assembly of touch display groups made with technologies such as LCD AIR BONDING, OCA, and OCR. This activity is carried out in suitable controlled environments in all our plants. 


Standard embedded form factors

Silicon Vendors 

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