SECO is mentioned in the list of Industrial IoT Gateways Samples Vendors. 

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Gartner report: Hype Cycle for Edge Computing

Read Gartner report (1) about  the Hype Cycle for Edge Computing, 2020: link expired



The Hype Cycle

According to Gartner, "Edge computing is defined as a part of a distributed computing topology in which information processing is located close to the edge — where things and people produce or consume that information.” Where is this “edge”? Well, the absolute edge is that place where the physical and digital world interact, such as where sensors measure something happening in the physical world. They then translate those observations or measurements into data, which can be used to make a decision to take action, aggregated to look for patterns, or simply passed back to a storage or analytics applications for further analysis. The complement to the edge is the core, that is, the upstream system or systems that guide what is passed down to the systems at the edge, often serving as the centralized storage, processing and archiving “back end.” The core can be a private data center but, increasingly, it is located in the public cloud. We look at the space between the edge and core to represent a continuum with multiple “edges” serving different roles, often in a hierarchy. Location-sensitive distributed computing is not a new concept; what is new is the explosive growth in the number of highly intelligent edge devices, coupled with the broad array of advanced services and massive scale of the cloud, serving as both orchestrator and core."



SECO is mentioned in the list of Industrial IoT Gateways Samples Vendors



(1) Gartner, "Hype Cycle for Edge Computing, 2020", 31 July 2020. Bob Jill, Thomas Bittman




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