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Feature-rich x86 Computer on Module for high-quality broadcast service

What challenges we faced

As a leading company in the broadcast and telecommunications industries – creating advanced systems for ensuring high-quality digital media service delivery in broadcast, cable, satellite, terrestrial, over-the-top (OTT) and telecoms applications – the customer came to SECO in the development phase of a broadcast VoIP analyzer. The initial requirement was to get a development platform in a very short term, to complete the engineering of the sample and launch its pre-series on schedule. In terms of electronics, the customer’s requirements were very specific: latest generation Intel® Atom® x6000E Series Processing Unit, a rich set of I/O interfaces, industrial operating temperature support. All combined with a short delivery time.

What we did

SECO enabled the equipment of the VoIP analyzer system with a recently developed off-the-shelf Computer on Module, the HALLEY SMARC® module with the Intel® Atom® x6000E Series and Intel® Pentium® and Celeron® N and J Series processors. Not only did the product match the customer’s request in terms of CPU, but the I/O configuration was also consistent, and the small footprint of the SMARC® form factor seamlessly integrated into the VoIP analyzer’s design. Although the product was not available to order yet, perfect compliance with the customer’s needs prompted SECO to speed up the sampling process, thus providing the customer with the first engineering samples in a very short term

Results we achieved

Thanks to a fast sampling action, SECO was able to supply a complete development kit based on engineering samples in a very short term from the initial requests. The whole process was also speeded up by the availability of a standard product based on latest-generation processors which, by adapting to customer request without the need for major interventions, did not require custom design. Managing to conclude the engineering of the VoIP analyzer using SECO’s development kit, the customer placed a purchase order soon after and, thanks to SECO’s short lead time, succeeded at launching the pre-series of the VoIP analyzer respecting the project timeline. 

Technologies Used


SMARC® Rel. 2.1.1 System on Module (SoM) with Intel® Atom® x6000E Series and Intel® Pentium® and Celeron® N and J Series (Codename: Elkhart Lake) Processors for FuSa applications. (HALLEY - C93)


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"Prompt delivery of the first engineering sample of the selected SMARC® module was the winning point that allowed us to stay ahead of the competition. Thanks to this, in fact, the customer was able to start the development of its product on schedule."

Marco Attardo Partner Manager EMEA, SECO