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Standard solution with i.MX6 for an EMC instrument

What challenges we faced

What the customer needed was not only a reliable hardware solution, but it should also support Linux development and provide a processor platform which could be upgraded easily. We were able to guarantee this based on our BSP.

What we did

SECO answered to the customer’s request by providing a Qseven® 2.0 compliant module with an NXP i.MX6 Processor, along with a dedicated real time operating system and customized drivers.

Results achieved

Offering to the customer a modular off-the-shelf module, we could ensure them a faster time to market, enabling easier to support and upgrade their product at lower development costs compared to a customized solution. Due to the expertise of both our hardware and software departments we could deliver a solution that was compliant to the customer’s requests. 

Technologies Used

[Picture] SOM-Q7-MX6_front

Qseven® System on Module (SoM) with NXP i.MX 6 Processor (ALKES - 928)


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"Choosing a modular solution with a standard form-factor like Qseven, we could develop a modular test system with an easy to upgrade processor platform at lower overall development cost with a faster time to market.”

Edwin vom Hofe Sales Manager / Associate, Dare!!

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