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Development of a Blood Analysis Device based on AI/Machine Learning

What challenges we faced

The customer, at his first foray in the medical market, needed support in selecting an off-the-shelf SBC from several points of view:

CE compliance – Customer needed support from SECO’s  V&V department since the device had to comply with CE medical regulations.

Long Term Availability - The customer had to find a solution with guaranteed 3-5yr availability.

Cost Effectiveness – The customer device is designed to be low cost for local clinics and labs in developing countries, so SECO’s solution had to be extremely cost effective.

What we did

SECO selected, and partly redesigned, one of SECO’s ARM-based SBCs, and guided the customer through the certification process, supplying all the needed pre-compliance information.

Results we achieved

SECO was able to provide a cost-effective solution, quickly responding to the customer's needs. Furthermore, SECO was extremely fast in the redesigning of the board to adapt it to certification requirements.  

Technologies Used


SBC with NXP i.MX 6 Processor. (DORIS - A62)


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"SECO’s experience in certifications and in the medical domain proved to be crucial in the success of this design."

Vikrant Raghu Product Manager, Robert Bosch Engineering & Business Solutions

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