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Development of Biorespira: Pulmonary Ventilator Providing an Innovative and Versatile NIV Approach

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The Challenges we Faced:

SECO was tasked with developing a non-invasive pulmonary ventilator able to provide state-of-the-art technologies like:


  • High flux generator for non-invasive lung ventilation of adult patients with respiratory insufficiency, who breathe independently.
  • Closed system that prevents the risk of infection for other people in the room due to the aerosol effect of the gas exhaled by the patient.
  • Easy-to-use and flexible clinical solution for a wide range of use in sub-intensive care, post-surgery, first aid, assisted health care residences and home care.

What we did:

SECO worked alongside IBD in the final stages of developing a non-invasive pulmonary ventilator to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, providing an innovative and versatile NIV approach to assisted lung ventilation, both in a clinical and daily context.

Results we Achieved:

The ventilator is compact and portable, equipped with a user-friendly interface, and employable both in hospitals and homecare. It improves oxygenation, dynamic lung compliance, homogeneity and end-expiratory lung volume decrease anatomical dead space and generates positive airway pressure.

Technologies Used


10” touchscreen display, power efficient ARM-based SBC, Yocto Linux, Optimized GUI Framework
(C++ technology in ARM/Linux environment), CAN bus.




"By developing this product we had the chance to play our part in fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic, and SECO was the best partner we could ask for"

Corrado Ghidini CEO of IBD

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