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Modular Machine Vision for the Industrial Edge

SECO - Modular Machine vision Industrial edge

The AI landscape is changing, fast. Too fast, in most cases, for industrial vision systems like automated quality-inspection systems and autonomous robots that will be deployed for years if not decades.


If you’re a systems integrator, OEM, or factory operator trying to get the most out of a machine vision system, how do you future-proof your platform and overcome the anxiety associated with launching a design just months or weeks before the next game-changing AI algorithm or architecture might be introduced?


This article by Brandon Lewis, originally appeared on, deconstructs a typical machine vision system and investigates the fundamentals for making an industrial machine vision system secure maximum value over extended periods. Starting from the adoption of a modular system architecture, through which operators can future proof their systems and upgrade over time.


Read the article and learn how our next-generation CALLISTO COM Express module, based on the 13th Gen Intel® Core™ processor, meets CPU, graphics, and connectivity demands of machine vision workloads, while ensuring upgradeability over time thanks to a totally modular approach.

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