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SECO launches “CLEA Store”

SECO launches CLEA Store

Arezzo, April 25, 2023 – SECO SpA (“SECO”) announces the launch of CLEA Store, a brand-new component of the CLEA platform meant to accelerate the distribution of value-added services to end users.


CLEA Store will serve as a technological infrastructure allowing companies to set up their own, customer-branded service marketplace: in this way, they will be able to release applications developed either internally or by a third party (e.g. system integrators, stand-alone developers, etc.) to the users of their devices.


“As more and more players in any sector start to understand the potential of AI, CLEA Store represents a tool that will enable them to transform their business model by distributing value-added functionalities and services across their value chain. As SECO, we strive to be at the forefront of innovation and partner with customers to give them the solutions they need to differentiate their offering and become leaders in their sector”, said Massimo Mauri, CEO of SECO.

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