IoT platforms: a beginner’s guide

SECO Iot plaforms GUIDE

Enterprises in any industry are increasingly integrating a broad range of IoT endpoints to access and efficiently manage the physical assets relevant to their business. The benefits that IoT technology can bring are many: enhanced asset management, immediate knowledge of the state of play for accurate and timely decision making, new business opportunities and revenue […]

Getting Ready for EU Cybersecurity Resilience Act (CRA)

Getting Ready for EU Cybersecurity Resilience Act blog post

Last update: August 18, 2023   Introduction In today’s digital age, the rise of cybercrime poses a significant threat to both individuals and societies. The European Union has recognized the urgent need to address this issue and has proposed the Cyber Resilience Act, a regulation aimed at bolstering cybersecurity requirements for products with digital elements. […]

Understanding the Role of Middleware in the IoT

Understanding the role of middleware in the IoT blog post

Since its inception, the Internet of Things (IoT) has made significant progress, transforming industries and daily life through the connection of billions of devices. The IoT Analytics “State of IoT—Spring 2023” report shows that the number of global IoT connections grew by 18% in 2022 to 14.3 billion active IoT endpoints. In 2023, a 16% […]

AI and CV Power Up the EV Charging Station Boom

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As electric vehicle adoption is on the rise, the need for more charging stations is crucial. Owners clamor for infrastructure expansion, governments race to deliver it, and charging station solution providers are gearing up for the coming surge by working on next-generation charging stations which make management easier and operations more profitable for the EV […]

Human Machine Interface: the advantages of CLEA AI for Industrial Automation

Human machine interface: the advantages of CLEA AI for industrial automation

With HMI, which stands for “Human Machine Interface,” we refer to the hardware and software technologies that enable interaction between humans and machines. It is an essential tool for facilitating increasingly natural communication in support of industry, services, and citizens. The adoption of IoT and intelligent data analysis techniques in the industrial and manufacturing sectors […]

Modular Machine Vision for the Industrial Edge

SECO - Modular Machine vision Industrial edge

The AI landscape is changing, fast. Too fast, in most cases, for industrial vision systems like automated quality-inspection systems and autonomous robots that will be deployed for years if not decades.   If you’re a systems integrator, OEM, or factory operator trying to get the most out of a machine vision system, how do you […]

Data-driven approach and industry: how and why it improves industrial plant efficiency

SECO - Data driven approach

For an organization, adopting a data-driven approach means making decisions based on its own data and information. In other words, it is about using the vast amount of data that companies possess as a basis for improving decision-making processes, productivity, and efficiency of the industrial plant. It also means implementing increasingly effective business strategies, and […]

Why industrial machinery maintenance is more efficient with AI and IIoT

In order to ensure an efficient and continuous production cycle, as required by the growing demands of the global market, proper maintenance of industrial machinery is crucial. For a long time, machinery maintenance was perceived by manufacturers as an obligation and an expense that did not create value. But today maintenance can be transformed into a competitive advantage thanks to […]

Industrial innovation, how an OEM evolves thanks to AI and IIOT

SECO - Industrial innovation and OEM

In the face of increasingly complex challenges for their business models, today’s Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) need to leverage digitization, Big Data, Industrial IoT (IIoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), which are the main drivers behind industrial innovation, to become and remain competitive in the market and to produce value. Applying the Internet of Things to […]