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SECO: 2022 Fiscal Year results

Massimo Mauri, CEO of the Group, commented: “2022 has been a strong growth year, achieved despite a context complicated by component shortages. The results show how SECO has built a business model that is resilient to external shocks. The digitalization process has only just started, laying its foundations on a secular trend, and the use of artificial intelligence will trigger a digital revolution in the coming years. I believe that SECO is very well positioned to seize the enormous growth opportunities that the sector will offer in the near future”.



  • Net sales at €200.9M in 2022, +79% vs. 2021; organic growth at 43%
  • Gross margin at €94.3M in 2022 (47% of Net sales), +€41.2M (+78%) vs. 2021
  • Adjusted EBITDA at €44.0M in 2022 (22% of Net sales), +€18.7M (+74%) vs. 2021
  • Adjusted Net income at €20.5M in 2022 (10% of ­Net sales), +€8.9M (+77%) vs. 2021
  • €18.5M generated by the CLEA business (9% of Net sales) in 2022


Download the full pdf.

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