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7-Industries joins SECO as a reference shareholder to support its expansion

  • Reserved capital increase on a divisible basis up to €65M, at a price of €4.69 per share, of which €8.7M subject to obtainment of the required authorizations.
  • Further acquisition by 7-Industries of 0.8% of SECO share capital
  • Board of Directors enlargement and related Articles of Association amendment
  • 7-Industries becomes one of SECO’s reference shareholders, with a long-term approach and an investment of 11.3% of SECO share capital
  • Mediobanca assisted SECO in the transaction acting as sole global coordinator


Massimo Mauri, CEO of SECO, commented: ““We are enthusiastic about the deal with 7-Industries, a shareholder that will bring valuable know-how and network at an industrial and technology level. This transaction allows us to significantly reduce our financial leverage, providing the Board of Directors with significant resources to evaluate potential growth opportunities through acquisitions”.


Download the full pdf.

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