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Getting Ready for EU Cybersecurity Resilience Act (CRA)

Getting Ready for EU Cybersecurity Resilience Act blog post

Last update: August 18, 2023



In today’s digital age, the rise of cybercrime poses a significant threat to both individuals and societies. The European Union has recognized the urgent need to address this issue and has proposed the Cyber Resilience Act, a regulation aimed at bolstering cybersecurity requirements for products with digital elements. This groundbreaking legislation seeks to promote the development and use of secure hardware and software products, ultimately safeguarding users and the overall digital ecosystem.


The Escalating Cybersecurity Challenge

The relentless increase in cyberattacks has made hardware and software products vulnerable, leading to substantial economic losses and putting user data at risk. The existing challenges primarily stem from two main issues:


  1. Low Cybersecurity Standards: many products suffer from inadequate cybersecurity measures, evident through widespread vulnerabilities and the inconsistent provision of security updates to address them.
  2. User Awareness: users often lack sufficient information and understanding of cybersecurity, which prevents them from making informed decisions when choosing digital products and using them securely.


The Need for Comprehensive Legislation

While certain digital products fall under existing internal market legislation, the majority of hardware and software products remain unregulated in terms of cybersecurity. This gap in legislation leaves non-embedded software particularly vulnerable to cyberattacks, despite the increasing targeting of vulnerabilities in such products.


Key Objectives of the EU Cyber Resilience Act

To address the critical challenges posed by cybersecurity, the EU Cyber Resilience Act has set forth two overarching objectives:


  1. Ensuring Secure Product Development: the Act aims to create an environment where hardware and software products are developed with stronger cybersecurity measures from their inception and throughout their entire life cycle. Manufacturers will be held accountable for prioritizing security in their products.
  2. Empowering Users with Cybersecurity Awareness: the Act strives to empower consumers and businesses by providing transparent information about the security features of digital products. This knowledge will enable users to make informed choices when selecting and using digital products.


Specific Aims of the Act

To achieve these objectives, the EU Cyber Resilience Act outlines four key aims:


  1. Strengthening Product Security: manufacturers will be required to enhance the security of products with digital elements right from the design and development phase and throughout their entire life cycle. By doing so, the Act seeks to minimize vulnerabilities and potential points of exploitation.
  2. Establishing a Coherent Cybersecurity Framework: the Act will create a consistent and robust cybersecurity framework, making compliance easier for hardware and software producers. A harmonized approach will enhance cybersecurity across the European market.
  3. Enhancing Transparency: the Act will encourage greater transparency regarding the security properties of products with digital elements. Users will have access to clear and comprehensive information about the cybersecurity measures implemented in the products they consider purchasing.
  4. Empowering Secure Usage: through the Act, businesses and consumers will receive the necessary knowledge and guidance to use digital products securely. This education will help users protect themselves and their data, fostering a safer digital environment.

The EU Cyber Resilience Act represents a major step forward in fortifying the cybersecurity of hardware and software products. By prioritizing security throughout the entire product life cycle and promoting user awareness, the Act aims to create a safer and more secure digital landscape. As we move towards an increasingly connected future, this legislation will play a pivotal role in safeguarding both individuals and society from the escalating threats of cybercrime.


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