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SECO presents new solution on Google Cloud at Embedded World 2023

SECO and Google partnership

CLEA on Google Cloud to accelerate digital transformation and AI in the Industrial world


Arezzo, February 13, 2023 – SECO will be at Embedded World 2023 to showcase CLEA integrated with Google Cloud, for European users. Google Cloud users will be able to adopt CLEA to fully exploit the value of their field data. Thanks to Google Cloud’s artificial intelligence services, which will be natively integrated with CLEA, it will be possible to generate insights leveraging additional information from all the data sources of the company, such as ERP, CRM, MES and on-field devices.


“We are enthusiastic about the recognition of CLEA from a player of absolute global relevance such as Google Cloud. It is indeed a great validation of the massive effort we put in its development over the last few years. We are thrilled to make our platform and our expertise in IoT-AI solutions available to a wide range of users at a European level: by combining our proposition with Google Cloud’s cutting edge AI services, we can offer unique solutions in the industrial field, enabling companies to evolve their business model, harness new value from the on-field data and to provide their end users with high value-added, as-a-service solutions”, said Dario Freddi, Global Software Strategy and Revenue Manager of SECO.


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