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Contactless convenience: the rise of sustainable ticketing

Sustainable parking ticket machine

In the era of climate consciousness, every industry is called upon to make eco-friendly choices, and parking management is no exception. In the pursuit of a CO2-neutral and sustainable approach, the shift from traditional to innovative solutions has become imperative. At the forefront of this transformation is the evolution of parking ticket machines, a critical element in the journey towards a greener parking garage management.

Research indicates that a single cash transaction generates 4.6g CO2 equivalents, while card payments cut this by over 18%, down to 3.78g CO2 equivalents. Internet-based transactions reveal an even more remarkable reduction to 0.7g CO2 equivalents. While the vision of fully digital tickets is on the horizon, a pragmatic approach involves transitioning from cash to card payments as an interim step.


Contactless Convenience: Transforming Transactions

Advancements in technology have set the stage for a rapid transition. Contactless NFC technology and high-speed connectivity make cashless payment processing not just convenient but a necessity. The evolution is evident, and parking operators are urged to leverage this infrastructure for a sustainable future.

To expedite this transition, operators can opt for terminals equipped for contactless payments, such as SECO’s KarL4. Supporting various payment methods, offering end-to-end payment processing, and incorporating environmentally friendly features such as the use of solar panels, KarL4 a practical and sustainable choice for ticketing applications in parking garages and public transportation systems.


Dive Deeper: Download the White Paper

For a comprehensive exploration of the profund impact of sustainable ticketing solutions on carbon footprint reduction and the trajectory towards a fully digital future, download our white paper. Learn more about the technologies reshaping the landscape of parking and start your journey to a greener tomorrow.

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