Data-driven approach and industry: how and why it improves industrial plant efficiency

SECO - Data driven approach

For an organization, adopting a data-driven approach means making decisions based on its own data and information. In other words, it is about using the vast amount of data that companies possess as a basis for improving decision-making processes, productivity, and efficiency of the industrial plant. It also means implementing increasingly effective business strategies, and […]

Why industrial machinery maintenance is more efficient with AI and IIoT

In order to ensure an efficient and continuous production cycle, as required by the growing demands of the global market, proper maintenance of industrial machinery is crucial. For a long time, machinery maintenance was perceived by manufacturers as an obligation and an expense that did not create value. But today maintenance can be transformed into a competitive advantage thanks to […]

Industrial innovation, how an OEM evolves thanks to AI and IIOT

SECO - Industrial innovation and OEM

In the face of increasingly complex challenges for their business models, today’s Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) need to leverage digitization, Big Data, Industrial IoT (IIoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), which are the main drivers behind industrial innovation, to become and remain competitive in the market and to produce value. Applying the Internet of Things to […]

Enabling a Standard-based and Secure Experience at the Edge

With ASTRID 3.5” SBC based on NXP i.MX 8M Mini microprocessors, SECO joins Arm Project Cassini and its purpose of creating a secure Arm edge ecosystem where interoperability is guaranteed.   Overview & Goal With AI, 5G, and the Internet of Things reaching maturity at the same time, the Fifth Wave of Computing is underway. IoT technology […]

SECO to showcase novel CLEA AI EV Charging Station at ITS World Congress in Los Angeles

Arezzo, September 16, 2022 – SECO, a Gold partner member of Intel Partner Alliance, continues to develop solutions that leverage the most innovative and high-performance Intel platforms. Today, SECO announces the CLEA AI EV Charging Station, a complete solution designed to make charging points for electric vehicles smart, connected, and data rich. This solution transforms an installed […]

IoT data orchestration: accelerating the digital transformation with data analysis

IoT Data Orchestration

Today, all companies collect a large quantity of data of various kind, relating to operational processes, business movements, market situation, or customers. Precisely because it comes from different sources and its nature can differ wildly, data is often stored in separate archives that have no contact points. But to make the most of it, it […]

AI and Digital Signage for Vending Machines

AI and Digital Signage for Vending Machines

In recent years AI-based equipment and IoT systems for Digital Signage and Vending Machines have evolved rapidly. We’ll soon interact with intelligent machines at work, at restaurants or while walking on the streets: intelligent machines are going to change the way we consume and experience the world.   The evolution of the machines and displays […]

With CLEA, machine learning algorithms are at the service of vending

With CLEA, machine learning algorithms are at the service of Vending

Machine learning algorithms, Artificial Intelligence and IoT devices: the recipe for innovating the vending industry is a concentrate of hi-tech, data analysis and customer experience.   It could not be otherwise for a market in which Italy is the European leader with over 3,000 companies currently in business, 30,000 workers and 820,000 machines installed [1]. In recent years, […]