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Edge AI software: a practical solution to optimize EV charging stations management, increasing revenue

Edge AI Software

The Edge AI world is extremely varied and constantly evolving with numerous applications, whereby the optimized management of electric vehicle charging stations certainly stands out.

EV charging network managers effectively need to rely on innovative and at the same time reliable technologies, which through advanced monitoring allow a predictive approach to maintenance so as to significantly reduce device downtime and assistance costs.


An Edge AI platform for optimized management of charging stations

A study conducted by Statista highlights how the ecosystem of sustainable mobility is rapidly growing also in Italy: the total number of publicly accessible normal power charging points in Italy[1] has risen from 1,679 units in 2015 to 12,150 units detected by the panel in 2020 (source: Number of publicly accessible normal power charging points in Italy 2015-2020, Statista, 2020).


Until recently, the geolocalization of charging stations was considered sufficient to facilitate their use. Today, however, it is becoming increasingly important to provide additional services including the real time detection of service status, occupation by vehicles, availability within a certain mileage or travel time, and available payment options. Introducing additional servitization functions makes it possible not only to build customer loyalty, but even expand the basin of users to the local community, allowing the manager to integrate their core business with new revenue.


CLEA is the Edge and Cloud AI modular platform by SECO, which thanks to its extremely flexible configuration and the possibility to run vertical applications both on Edge and in the Cloud, allows public and private network managers to transform electric vehicle charging stations into smart devices ready for data analysis. Thanks to a set of specific Apps for the EV charging market, Artificial Intelligence models process the data collected from charging stations, returning it in the form of helpful insights to better manage and optimize the network, in addition to enabling offers for additional services allowing increased revenue. The benefits of transforming a charging network into a network of Edge AI devices are manifold. Let’s take a more detailed look.


Data processing at the source: less latency and greater security.

Implementing an Edge AI solution such as CLEA means most processing can occur at the charging station itself, transferring a minimal percentage of data to the cloud, thus significantly speeding up data collection times. Moreover, reducing the “dimensions” of the data before sending it to the cloud platform not only reduces power consumption and transfer and redistribution costs, but also increases the overall security of the entire procedure.


Artificial Intelligence aids predictive maintenance policies and remote assistance.

One of the deciding factors in ensuring a positive user experience, is the efficiency of the stations. The CLEA AI models constantly monitor the operating status of the charging stations and intervene before the failure occurs and the service is interrupted, thus avoiding machine downtime and all the resulting consequences. Variations in the measured values with respect to the normal operating status make it possible to predict where and when the failure will occur, and thus take early action to resolve the malfunction, reducing downtime and avoiding a chain reaction that may otherwise lead to the breakage of other components in the same machine. Predictive maintenance therefore not only optimizes performance by approximately 22%, but above all, reduces assistance costs by 37%. The continuous monitoring of every single component of the EV Charging Station allows operators to remotely examine its condition, viewing the temperature of the modules, cables and battery, and in case of alarms, reducing the delivered kWh to bring the value below the recommended limit, and also monitor the energy management and cooling systems status. And since even the applications and operating system can be updated by remote, using the CLEA web control panel, setup call-outs are reduced by up to 58%.


Edge AI reduces ordinary assistance costs.

The real-time activation of alerts allowing “prompt intervention” improves the efficiency of the entire network in charge of routine maintenance and on-site assistance. Also in this case, the response time between the occurrence of the failure and its resolution is critical in providing the best possible service. The low latency on the collected data and activation of the closest help center are able to reduce call-out costs by 47% and in general by up to 37%.

Plate and Car Detection.

CLEA integrates specific AI models allowing the real-time viewing of the characteristics and number plates of the vehicles occupying the charging stations, with subsequent monitoring of their dwell time. This allows more efficient management of the space reserved to charging, intervening in cases of improper occupation or in the event of problems making payment. The data log then provides valuable information regarding the number and type of vehicles, dwell time and any queues that may have formed.


Pricing & Revenue Manager and contactless payment with KarL4.

To optimize pricing management, CLEA offers the Revenue and Price Manager service which provides an overview of revenue and profits, advanced charging session analytics, and much more still. CLEA AI is also able to suggest the best price, which can easily be set through the app. Ad hoc promotional campaigns can be simultaneously launched, with offers and discounts entirely overseen by the manager. CLEA is natively compatible with the SECO KarL4 contactless payment terminal, which, once installed on the charging station, allows clients to make cashless payments for amounts up to 50 euros by simply waving their card, without needing to key in a PIN. With the possibility for personalization to suit the manager’s needs, KarL4 is compatible with Google Pay and Apple Pay, to make transactions by simply waving an enabled smartphone or smartwatch over the reader.

Flexibility and servitization: the benefits for managers and clients

Increasing revenue by introducing new servitization functions is one of the policies commonly practiced by advanced technologies such as Edge AI. The possibility to equip charging stations with displays on which to project not only information about the station itself, but above all smart signage and targeted ads allows network managers to significantly expand their business scenarios. The stations are in fact transformed into tools through which to generate new revenue, selling advertising spaces or offering additional services with respect to vehicle charging alone.


CLEA allows the integration of Digital Signage functions by simply fitting the network charging stations with a monitor and camera: dedicated AI models which are run “on the edge” (Age and Mood Recognition) detect the age and mood of the user, allowing personalized promotions and the transmission of targeted ads during and after recharging. Integrating the telemetry data thus collected makes it possible to:


  • analyze the audience and number of ADVs conveyed, sorted into specific age groups or moods;
  • manage the various ads and create specific campaigns for certain client age groups and moods;
  • monitor the data relating to each ad with filters on the audience and viewing time.




The flexibility of CLEA AI for electric charging stations allows increased revenue, reduced maintenance costs, and an improved customer experience thanks to greater involvement of clients. Results that testify to the full potential of this artificial intelligence platform able to improve not only the company’s business, but also mobility within the community where it is used.


Contact us and know more about CLEA for EV Charging Stations.


[1] Normal charging points supply up to 22 kW of power, while rapid charging points supply over 22 kW of power.

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