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EW23: deep dive on smart infrastructure and smart city application demos

SECO smart cities solutions

SECO leads the way in energy management and smart city technology, from cutting-edge EV charging stations to smart sensors and monitoring services


Arezzo, Italy, February 8, 2023 – From March 14-16, 2023, in Nuremberg, Germany, at the embedded world Exhibition&Conference, visitors to the SECO booth will discover a variety of cutting-edge technologies able to improve and optimize multiple market applications. Across various industries, SECO will feature high value adding solutions based on innovative embedded technologies – including CLEA Apps specifically dedicated to the smart infrastructure and smart city markets.


With the world’s population projected to reach 9.7 billion by 2050, cities around the globe are facing growing challenges related to increased traffic congestion, air pollution, and . With rising energy prices and the need to make a green transition, focus on electric vehicles and the management of EV charging stations is growing. In addition to this, there is an increasing need to constantly monitor infrastructure and buildings, to make them safe and efficient for both workers and users. In this context, systems are increasingly being digitized, and intelligent system data management and integration is necessary to take things to the next level.


To help use resources more efficiently and create new business opportunities in the smart infrastructures and smart cities space, SECO’s CLEA technology stack stands ready to facilitate this transition as a hardware agnostic internet of things (IoT) and cloud intelligence software platform. CLEA creates business-transforming value utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) by boosting productivity, maximizing revenue and profit, and minimizing downtime. Whether the need is the management of a fleet of vehicle charging stations or the optimization of smart building climate controls and lighting, up to energy production and distribution, the CLEA platform provides a complete modular solution for all these demands. Combined with SECO and/or any other underlying electronic hardware, it continually analyzes environmental and infrastructure data, automates control, initiates pre-emptive maintenance, and optimizes operations thanks to dedicated AI algorithms.


Visitors to the SECO booth (1-320) will have the chance to discover more about CLEA AI EV Charging Station solution, featuring DC fast-charging technology from Imagen Energy. Designed to meet the growing demand for sustainable and efficient transportation, CLEA AI EV Charging Station is a complete asset for EV fast charging OEMs, offering powerful industrial microcomputer, display and touch screen, and the base software services to manage a fleet of EV charging stations.


Enabled by CLEA AI models directly running on deployed charging station hardware and provided with an intuitive user interface, SECO’s CLEA AI hardware/software Kit for EV Charging Station retrieves data at the edge, analyzes it locally with CLEA, and transmits collected and processed data to the cloud for aggregation with an entire fleet of charging points. CLEA therefore enables both autonomous deployed operation and centralized remote control and management.


Feature-rich and specifically designed for fast charging of EVs (200kW), CLEA turns data into value through apps such as predictive maintenance, license plate recognition, remote fault correction, and smart digital signage. Additionally, revenue and price management is facilitated by SECO’s contactless payment terminal.
CLEA AI EV Charging Station can utilize SECO’s HALLEY SMARC module with Intel® Atom® x6000E Series Processors (formerly Elkhart Lake), a 10” interactive touch display mounted with a 32” information display, and two IMAGEN EV-100 high performance power converters that incorporate advanced digital control inverters. The solution is also standard-ready for both ISO 15118 and OCPP protocols.


During embedded world Exhibition&Conference, SECO booth visitors will also discover an IoT solution able that brings value to agrifood, sustainability, and smart city applications.


Developed in partnership with Libelium, a leading company providing complete IoT technology value propositions to specialized vertical applications, this smart environment solution is named “Plug & Sense!” and it  detects various parameters and pollutant gases that affect air quality. In addition, it can monitor, in real time, acoustic levels on the city streets, providing noise maps as outputs. At the same time, it controls air quality, waste management, and smart lighting. Booth visitors will have the opportunity to discover the CLEA-featured Smart Parking Sensor Technology, utilizing “Plug & Sense!” – a radar sensor device that wirelessly detects parking availability both indoor and outdoor, optimizing parking and reducing the time and hassle associated with finding a parking spot.


To complete the ‘virtual tour’ of application demos for the smart cities vertical space, SECO will also showcase infrastructure monitoring services born in partnership with Pizzarotti, a leading Italian company in the design and construction of infrastructures for roads, railways, and airports.


In this case, CLEA enables the smart management of roads, bridges and tunnel infrastructures through a number of high-added-value applications and functionalities. This set of customized apps allows real-time visualization of data from different assets. AI makes it possible to remotely control the status of infrastructures, locating each connected device and monitoring its regular operation. An algorithm then predicts any pending failure of components mounted in any connected device. This makes it possible for real-time, accurate data analysis of infrastructure and plants allowing better management, cost optimization, and increased safety for workers and users.
By offering real-time insights into energy consumption, environmental parameters, and operational status, CLEA-based monitoring services provide a critical component in enabling more efficient and sustainable cities.


Come visit our booth 1-320 at embedded world Exhibition&Conference to see first-hand the future of smart cities and energy management! Our team of experts will be on hand to answer any questions and provide insights into how our solutions are making a difference in the smart city space.

We look forward to seeing you there!


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