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EW23: come to see more about CLEA AI platform for IoT

SECO - CLEA platform ar EW23

Real-world applications and new features of the CLEA AI-IoT platform await visitors at SECO booth


Arezzo, Italy, February 3, 2023 – At the embedded world Exhibition&Conference, in Nuremberg, Germany, from March 14th to 16th, SECO will showcase its expertise in delivering innovative technology solutions, from high-tech edge platforms to Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, which are at the heart of digital transformation in various industries.


At SECO’s booth (1-320), visitors will find not only a wide range of off-the-shelf edge products – computer on modules (COM), single board computers (SBC), modular HMI and fanless embedded computers, as well as our payment system – but they will learn how SECO helps to provide end-to-end solution by adding intelligence to edge devices with CLEA, SECO’s end-to-end IoT-AI analytics software suite.


CLEA is the Edge and Cloud AI/IoT Platform designed by developers for developers: with hundreds of deployments and a growing community, CLEA is a central hub where devices and data become actionable value, in full compliance with privacy, security, and freedom. CLEA enables our customers to have full control over their data journey, from how it is collected, to how it is processed, to where it is stored. Leveraging CLEA’s edge capabilities, users can easily move intelligence from the edge to the Cloud and the other way around to optimize the data journey. This means saving energy, bandwidth, and storage, while getting the most out of their physical infrastructure.


Whatever the vertical market you are in, there’s no limit to the benefits that this powerful AI analytics platform can bring to your business. Visitors to the SECO booth will have the exclusive opportunity to discover them all with the support of SECO experts. Through application demos they will see CLEA in action improving and optimizing multiple market applications, discovering how it can help businesses unlock the full potential of their data, also providing the stage to reveal a set of new features that will take CLEA’s capabilities to new heights.


To give a foretaste, a new operating system, optimized for the remote management of SECO’s edge gateways and microcomputer devices, will be added to CLEA core components. It’s EDGEHOG, the CLEA device manager module, designed to conveniently handle fundamental operations such as performing update campaigns, getting device status information, geolocation, and much more. With EDGEHOG, users can easily perform secure over-the-air (OTA) updates and manage containerized apps, which is particularly useful for customers who rely on remote monitoring and management of their on-field devices.


Demos running in the area dedicated to the Vending market at the SECO booth – from a smart vending machine to a retrofitting solution for coffee machines developed in partnership with EVOCA, based on CLEA and EASY EDGE microcontroller – will also show visitors how easy and convenient it is to integrate CLEA with our KarL4 contactless payment system. This integration results in a complete payment ecosystem which streamlines the payment process, making it easier for end users to do contactless transactions in various settings, from dispensing a beverage from a vending machine to paying for the electric charging of one’s vehicle.  Machinery operators, instead, get the advantage of being able to manage and track payments directly from the CLEA front end.


A set of new applications specifically designed for the industrial space is also going to be launched, included in the CLEA Smart HMI and CLEA Smart Factory solutions. They will be featured in preview in some of the industrial automation demos available to SECO booth visitors – like an operating smart gripper designed with our partner Camozzi Digital, capable to perceive objects, analyze and estimate their weight, size and distance, or a FuSa-certified safety radar from our partner Inxpect that allows real-time dynamic setting of the detection and warning zones. Also the Programmable Logic Controller demo designed by SEW will highlight the value of Functional Safety (FuSa), via an intrinsically safe device for human-robot collaboration. Such applications enable industrial equipment OEMs and companies with in-house production to gain real-time insights from the industrial plant and take action to improve operational performance and reduce downtime.


Moving to the corner of the booth dedicated to smart cities, visitors will be able to see real world applications specifically developed to empower smart infrastructures – an EV charging station solution featuring a power electronics module from Imagen Energy that turns data into value through predictive maintenance, smart sensors that allow the detection of parking availability, and monitoring services able to check operational status and energy consumption of infrastructures.


Concluding with the area dedicated to cybersecurity, there will be room for presenting the latest accomplishments of SECO and Exein industrial partnership, aiming at strengthening the protection and security levels of SECO’s edge-to-AI offering.


News will also cover CLEA App Framework, the space where CLEA users can find easily customizable, predeveloped apps and AI models for countless purposes, to deploy directly on their devices.


From advanced data analytics to machine learning, our platform has everything you need to take your business to the next level. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be among the first to experience the future of IoT – make sure to stop by SECO booth 1-320 to learn more about our latest updates and how they can benefit your business. Embark on a journey towards innovation with SECO, visit our booth during embedded world Exhibition&Conference in Nuremberg, Germany!

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