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UDOO BOLT GEAR is now available at a special launch price, 399$, later will be 449$




SECO has just released UDOO BOLT GEAR, the ultimate Mini PC Kit based on AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V1000 Processor.


UDOO BOLT GEAR is the latest release in SECO’s UDOO family of products. Since 2013, UDOO has designed boards that merge Arduino with the industrial quality of SECO solutions, bringing to life a groundbreaking line of successful products. UDOO BOLT GEAR establishes a new era in the UDOO product line.

UDOO BOLT GEAR is available at 399$ for the first 1000 units. Later will be $449. Where to buy? At the following link:


UDOO BOLT GEAR is a lightning-fast and customizable solution compatible with a wide range of options as far as memory, storage, and operating systems are concerned.




It is a hand-size Arduino-compatible Mini PC based on an AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V1000 Processor – a 4-cores, 8-threads CPU. On top of that, it features AMD Radeon™ “Vega” 8 Graphics. Thanks to its 2 full-featured USB-C and 2 HDMI 2.0, it can handle four 4K monitors simultaneously. This Mini PC is also very efficient, as the CPU’s thermal design power is just 25W.

UDOO BOLT GEAR’s stylish design makes it the perfect match for any environment – living room, office, whatever. Compact and lightweight at 13 cm x 13 cm x 7 cm, including its metal case, it fits in the palm of the hand, and can be easily attached to the back of a VESA mount-display.

UDOO BOLT GEAR is designed for businesses, developers, and enthusiasts. It is ideal for several purposes, such as working from home, productivity, entertainment, and rapid prototyping.

Inside the box

UDOO BOLT GEAR comes in an elegant box containing the namesake Mini PC and a dedicated metal case. In addition, the box includes Wi-Fi and BT modules, a power supply, and both US and EU cables.




The content of the box, barring UDOO BOLT GEAR, is unassembled, so that the user can build their own solution. Finally, the box comes with a detailed instruction manual.

The UDOO Community and Support

UDOO BOLT GEAR is backed by a large community of enthusiasts and developers. Since 2013, the number of projects built on UDOO has grown rapidly and steadily.

As of today, the UDOO family of boards it’s one of the few open hardware and open software options. Each users has full access to 2D and 3D datasheet. Additionally, a detailed description of all schematics and IOs and a fully configurable BIOS. The Community as a whole is supported by many online resources, including:

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