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Descubrí nuestro contenido sobre los temas más innovadores de tecnología cubiertos por expertos de la industria

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence: The Winning Formula all across the Companies

Maximum degree of automation, more flexibility in production, significantly lower personnel resources: innovative industrial companies hope for a prosperous future through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
And that is not all: PwC‘s consultants have
found out that such technologies are an
obligatory exercise in staying competitive.

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Solution Briefs
Edge-optimized SECO SMARC modules help reduce cost and time to market

Keeping workers and the environment safe is a key priority when designing automated equipment and processes. Functional Safety (FuSa), a technology to remove unacceptable risks in the presence of a fault, is critical to applications in the industrial automation, agricultural, transportation, and healthcare industries, among others. SECO has created a solution that simplifies the adoption of the latest available FuSa technologies by combining the power of SMARC modules with a feature set focused on FuSa applications.

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ATM Protection Using Embedded Machine Learning Solutions

ATMs are an easy target for fraud attacks, like card skimming/trapping, cash trapping, malware and physical attacks. Attacks based on explosives are a rising problem in Europe and many other parts of the world. A report from the EAST association shows a rise of 80% of such attacks between the first six months of 2015 and 2016. This trend is particularly worrying, not only for the stolen cash, but also for the significant collateral damages to buildings and equipment.

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Gartner report: Hype Cycle for Edge Computing

According to Gartner, "Edge computing has moved from IoT-focused to a broadly considered complement to the more centralized hyperscale cloud. The edge role in distributed cloud and digital business ensures that despite the nascent market, technologies and architectures, edge computing is here to stay."

SECO is mentioned in the list of Industrial IoT Gateways Samples Vendors. 

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