Connection Cables Kit for SBC-992-pITX

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    This accessories kit includes the following items: 2 x Dual USB 2.0 Type A adapters with standard PC mounting plate. Can be used to carry out the signals of internal USB ports #2 #3 and #4 #5 to standard USB 2.0 Type A receptacles Front Panel I/O board V995, which allows the integration on a panel of an optional enclosure of two Audio jacks (Earphone and Mic in), Reset Button, Power button and two LED (for SATA activity and Power Status of the board itself). For fixing of the front panel I/O board to the external enclosure’s panel, the module is equipped with two brackets and screws for the fixing of the brackets to the module. Cables for connection of the Front Panel I/O board to SBC-992-pITX board. SATA power cable, for connection of power rails of external SATA disks / SSDs to internal SATA power connector CN15

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  • CABKIT992

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    Connection Cables Kit for SBC-992-pITX
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