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19 April 1979 - 19 April 2019: SECO's 40th anniversary

We’re in a garage in the 1970s and two guys are in the process of inventing the future.

No, we’re not talking about Apple of Jobs and Wozniak: this garage isn’t in California but in Arezzo, in Italy, and the two guys are Daniele Conti and Luciano Secciani.

Growing up elbow-to-elbow at the desks of the local technical school, ever since they were children Luciano and Daniele have shared an incredible passion for electronics and an enterpreneurial spirit. But the revelation only came during their high-school years, when, to make ends meet, they created an electronic starter kit for cars and sell it to a local mechanic. Immediately they both realized that there’s a market for electronic solutions, and that their passion for circuitry could be much more than a hobby: it could become a business. And so it is that in April 1979, as in the most classic innovation stories, two guys bound by the passion for electronics rent out a garage and establish their creative breeding ground: the SECO electronics laboratory... Read SECO story


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