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SECO: 2022 nine-months results




Our CEO, Massimo Mauri, commented: “The nine-month results show a strong growth in revenue and profitability, despite the persisting components’ shortage and the complex macroeconomic scenario. I am very satisfied in observing the results from the actions taken in recent months: in the third quarter of the year, the acceleration of the Edge computing and CLEA businesses, combined with the price increase actions started in the previous quarters, have positively contributed to improve our profitability generating a significant operating leverage effect. One and a half year after its launch, the evolution of the CLEA business proves the effectiveness of our evolution strategy: the increase in the number of connected devices and customers interested in the functionalities of our IoT-AI software platform, together with the growth of the order backlog and the pipeline of new opportunities, allows us to confidently look at the remaining part of the year and 2023”.




  • Net sales at €144.8M, +116% vs. 9M 2021
  • Organic growth at 53%, like-for-like growth at +43%
  • EBITDA adjusted at €32.1M (22.1% of Net sales), +€18.0M (+128%) vs. 9M 2021
  • Adjusted Net income at €15.0M (10.4% of Net sales), +€7.8M (+109%) vs. 9M 2021
  • CLEA revenue at €15M (10% of sales) in 9M 2022
  • Order backlog at €169M, full-year revenue guidance confirmed at €200M



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SECO H1 2022 results